Draft Beer Line Cleaning Service & Maintenance | Toronto, Ontario

Draft beer line cleaning is essential to the success of your business. Your lines should be cleaned on a regular basis. Poorly maintained draft lines deliver beer that tastes very different from what the brewer intended and from what your customer expects. Proper line cleaning will eliminate the build-up and will help maintain the quality of draught.

Bottom line: Clean beer lines lead to great beer, satisfied customers and a successful business.

Having a regular service scheduled is key to maintaining your beer line system and ensuring great tasting beer. Draft Specialties will design a servicing schedule that will meet your needs and that will be cost effective to maintain the highest cleanliness standards for health and safety.  As recommended by the Brewers Association of Ontario we would suggest regular monthly cleaning for your draft beer line system.

Each cleaning will include a no cost inspection of your equipment with recommendations for any additional servicing that may be needed.  We will also provide regular maintenance suggestions so your beer system will continue to flow with ease.

Our servicing includes:

  • Remove, dismantle, clean and sanitize all faucets
  • Clean and sanitize all couplers
  • Replace any “o” rings or washers if required (no extra charge)
  • Thorough clean and rinse all beer lines
  • Flush system
  • Clean all tap handles

If you are looking for a product to extend the time between cleanings, check out our product Draught Guard.