Draught Guard FAQs

What does the Draught Guard device do?

The Draught Guard beer line maintenance system is a state-of-the-art technology which couples time tested proven science with an innovative proprietary induction method that allows bar owners to extend the time between line cleanings by at least four times their normal cycle.

How does the Draught Guard work?

The device works by inducing a low frequency AC signal throughout the entire length of the beer line. The induced sine wave produces a dense current throughout the inner lining of the beer line tubing, otherwise known as a skin effect. This dense current or skin effect inhibits the particulate or organics within the beer from settling out or attaching to the lining, preventing or greatly reducing bio-film formation.

Is Draught Guard a magnet?

No, the device is not a magnet. Magnets and electromagnets can in fact induce a charge on a beer line but the charge that they generate is very small and remains localized right where the device is placed. These devices can only have a potential of being effective if the beer were to be flowing all the time.

Draught Guard is completely unique and proprietary. Its patented technology induces a charge on the entire length of the beer line. Therefore, with Draught Guard in place, your entire network of beer lines is protected regardless of whether the beer is flowing or not.

Will the Draught Guard affect the taste of the beer?

Absolutely not! Draught Guard does not change the chemistry or the biologics of the beer. What it does do is inhibit the environment in which bacteria and yeast like to settle out and begin to propagate and eventually form bio-film. It is bio-film that affects the taste of beer and gives it that “off” flavor. Draught Guard ensures the bar owner that the beer will consistently be served with the flavors intended by the brewer.

How do I know if the Draught Guard is working?

There is a test.

Draught Guard has designed a unit so that your local Draught Guard representative can verify that the DG is generating the protective signal throughout your beer line network. Draught Guard is the only beer line cleaning system that has this capability. There is also a signal indicator light on the front of the unit to show that the unit is functioning properly.

How does Draft Guard get installed?

The Draught Guard system requires no plumbing and only take a few minutes to install to be a part of your existing draft beer line system. The Draught Guard uses as its proprietary method of signal induction, wraps around the outside of the trunk line for remote systems or just below the base of the tower on direct draw systems.